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Finding The Groove

We sat down with Dave, our bassist to find out what inspired him to play music and his feelings in general on the music we play.

What inspired you to play bass?
My brother had an electric guitar, my best friend had a drum kit, they needed a bassist

Top 3 bassists you’re inspired by?
Krist Novoselic – Nirvana
Nate Mendel – Foo Fighters
Nikolai Fraiture – The Strokes

What do you think is the secret to been a top player?
Knowing your place with in that song….

Rhythm or Groove or both?
Both are equally important

How important is the relationship with the drummer or do you just find your comfort zone and stay ‘in’ the song?
You have to have a good relationship, a good vibe, with all the band, unless your Fleetwood Mac

Whats it like been the only true musician in the band?
I wouldn’t know, let me ask him!

What are your goals for your music?
Releasing a track that gets somewhere… anywhere!

How good are the Vulz…really?
About a 8/10 – Their web site used to suck!

Do you think the album could sell if marketed properly?
I could be wrong, but people don’t buy albums anymore, everyone streams everything…..
Advertisers might pay for a track or two though

Thanks Dave…

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