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Staying in Tune


We all love it!

I don’t think I have ever really heard someone say they hate it.

Loathe it, maybe…but hate?

It’s impossible.

It has a direct connection to our very heartstrings, it feels our mood, feeds our emotions and in many ways, heals us from our own personal demons, our days little drama’s.

We all have our favourites, it’s what makes us tick as individuals and its why I will never laugh at someone’s else’s ‘guilty pleasures’ for I have several.

For me it’s quite simple, bands like Alter Bridge rip me out of depression, they make me feel empowered, Switchfoot inspires and makes me feel ten feet tall, probably taller, Counting Crows bring nostalgia, Edith Piaf and Madeleine Peyroux revive romance and so the list goes on…

For every emotion, I can find that song that makes me feel comfortable with myself at that precise moment in time.

But there is another level music can take you and that is simply finding a way to create your own.

For me, I find great joy in been able to help create something, record it and be able to listen back and feel the emotion inside.

This is what makes me feel alive and without it, I feel my soul would wither.

It is also a great gift I can give to my children, by persevering with something that bring me joy and happiness, I can pass these values on to them, to challenge themselves to be creative and find their song in life that will bring fulfilment.

I am privileged to play in a great band, and no, we have not had the success that one would dream of, we have not sold the millions of records, nor played those gigs where the faces looking back at you seem endless, but we have bared our soul for those we are grateful to, for those few minutes and we have been overwhelmed by the response.

You see, victory in life is not always about the big payday, money comes and go, bills come and go, but experiences that touch the heart are in fact the real priceless things of this world.

That feeling when you have played your heart out and have left it all out there, and someone shouts for more, that energy that hits the spot, it brings you back with a huge grin and you find that little extra and make that moment last a little more.

That song you have just recorded, when you finally get the chance to listen to it after weeks of waiting and it gives you goose bumps, it fills you up with positivity which can empower those around you.

So music…how can you hate it?

Whether you are a bathroom diva, an X-Factor hopeful, a dreamer or a pro, immerse yourself in your music, keep hold of it and let it nurture your soul.

Stay positive and with that, stay in tune…with life that is.

Thanks for your Support,

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